Our Facilities

Highpoint occupies 10,000 street-level square feet facing Lake Street in the heart of Uptown. The printshop is designed for accessibility, and is ADA compliant. Highpoint has off-street parking spaces available behind our building (off Colfax  Avenue South) for members and visitors, one off-street parking space for a school bus, and ample on-street parking in the surrounding area.

Access Policy

Highpoint Center for Printmaking provides equal opportunity and access to its facilities and programs to all individuals regardless of race, national origin, color, gender, age, beliefs, sexual orientation or disability in admission, access or employment. Upon request, accommodation will be provided to allow individuals with disabilities to participate in all Highpoint services, programs and activities. Adopted by Board of Directors on January 27, 2005.


Main Gallery

Every year the Main Gallery at Highpoint hosts two semi-annual Artists Cooperative Member shows, one international print exhibition, the Jerome Emerging Printmakers exhibition, the ACCESS/PRINT exhibition (high-school artists) and LOOK/SEE exhibition (grade-school artists. Highpoint’s Main Gallery also exhibits work from Highpoint Editions, organizes a biennial juried print show (Stand Out Prints), and periodically hosts other traveling exhibitions. Each of these exhibitions take place within our beautiful, 1,000 square foot (135 linear feet), window-lit gallery that overlooks Lake Street. 

Additionally, a selection of Highpoint co-op member prints are always available to peruse and purchase in the print sales racks near the gallery entrance!

Print Research & Study Room

For print enthusiasts, this room allows a more intimate viewing experience of Highpoint Editions published prints. With the archives readily accessible, visitors from schools and universities, as well as researchers and collectors, can take a closer look at the diverse work from HP’s visiting artist program, past and present.

The 325 square foot Print Research and Study Room always features HP Editions prints on its walls, has flatfiles full of artwork and is equipped with rolling screens that contain additional Highpoint Editions framed inventory.

Threshold Gallery

In 2010, Highpoint created the Threshold Gallery to showcase individual co-op artists. Located adjacent to Highpoint’s north entrance, the Threshold Gallery presents four exhibits annually. This intimate space allows each artist the chance to organize a “mini-show” and personally curate the space.

The Threshold Gallery contains 30 linear feet dedicated display area.

Highpoint's Cooperative Space

Approximately 1850 square feet is dedicated to Highpoint’s Artists Cooperative.

General amenities of the co-op

  • Flat file, storage locker and vertical storage provided for each member
  • Wi-fi through facility
  • LED overhead lighting
  • Large skylight with retractable shade
  • Reusable shop rags
  • Large work area with seating
  • Large light table
  • Paper tearing station with fixed tear bar and registration punch
  • Portable rulers, tear bars, and cutting mats
  • 14 professional grade composition rollers and brayers (1-1⁄2 x 2" * up to 6-1⁄2 x 20-1⁄2")
  • Lighted solvent exhaust booth
  • Miscellaneous studio supplies including black ink for all processes, ink modifiers, bench hooks, drawing bridges, transfer paper, rulers, files, rasps, step stools, etch cups, stainless steel bowls, technical reference books, etc.
  • Kitchen for co-op members with refrigerator, microwave, sink, tea and coffee makers
  • Key card access 9am – midnight, 365 days per year, except during occasional special events
  • Exhibition opportunities
  • 50% off most HP adult print classes

Intaglio, Relief and Monoprinting

Approximately 680 square feet of Highpoint’s 1,850 square foot Cooperative space is dedicated to intaglio, relief and monoprinting.

Amenities for the intaglio, relief and monoprinting area include

  • Three Takach presses: 24 x 48", 30 x 48", 40 x 72"
  • Assorted blankets for intaglio, monotype, collograph, and relief
  • Foot-operated 36" wide plate shear
  • 36 x 48" paper soaking sink
  • Heated plate wiping station
  • 24 x 36" professional hot plate for melting grounds and fusing rosin
  • Four vertical ferric etching tanks for plates up to 30 x 40"
  • Plate rinsing sink
  • Trays for spit bite and sugarlift
  • Aquatint box for plates up to 30 x 40"
  • Terry towels for blotting
  • Assorted acrylic sheets for use as monotype matrices
  • 32 x 48 " print drying rack
  • 100+ square feet of pinnable drying board
  • Homasote boards and weights for flattening/drying
  • Plastic cards for ink application
  • Various plate oils
  • Whiting
  • Degreasing and deoxidizing solutions
  • Putz pomade
  • 3 in 1 oil
  • Steel wool
  • Felt scraps (for polishing)
  • Liquid and ball grounds
  • Asphaltum
  • Ground rosin
  • Newsprint
  • Tarlatan


Approximately 490 square feet of Highpoint’s 1850 square foot Cooperative space is dedicated to Lithography.

Amenities of the lithography area include

  • Two 34 x 60″ Takach presses, each with a 30 x 40″ plate backer
  • Retractable vent hood for stone or plate processing at each press
  • Scraper bars from 8″ to 30″
  • Tympans of assorted sizes
  • Library of 75 lithographic stones from ″ x 11″ up to 26 x 34″
  • Half-ton capacity hydraulic stone lift
  • 48 x 60″ graining sink
  • Two leather rollers
  • 32 x 48″ print drying rack
  • Carborundum grits (80 - 220)
  • Levigator
  • Citric acid counter etch
  • Various litho varnishes
  • Lithotine
  • Gum arabic
  • Nitric and phosphoric acids
  • Tapem and 50/50 (for aluminum plate etching)
  • Rosin and talc
  • Asphaltum
  • Newsprint
  • Emerald plate developer


Approximately 500 square feet of Highpoint’s 1850 square foot Cooperative space is dedicated to screenprinting.

Amenities of this screenprinting area include

  • 47 x 63″ vertical lift, one-arm vacuum screen press with micro- registration dials and 24, 32, and 40" dedicated squeegees
  • Two 36 x 48″ vacuum printing tables
  • Backlit washout sink with pressure washer for screens up to 60 x 72″
  • Emulsion Remover, screen degreaser, and Simple Green
  • 24 squeegees from 4″ – 34″ blade length in two different durometers (hardness)
  • 8 scoop coaters from 6″ – 28″ blade length
  • Vertical storage area for screens
  • Screen drying rack with overhead fan
  • 32 x 48″ print drying rack
  • Kickstands and spatulas
  • Newsprint


Approximately 240 square feet of Highpoint’s 1850 square foot Cooperative space is dedicated to the darkroom.

Amenities of the darkroom include

  • 20 x 24″ vacuum photopolymer plate exposure unit
  • 42 x 62″ photo-litho one-point exposure unit
  • 50 x 70″ UV screen exposure unit
  • 47 x 70″ plate developing sink
  • Assorted photo developing trays
  • Horizontal storage for emulsion coated screens up to 48 x 60″
  • 18 x 24″ Aquatint exposure screen
  • Stouffer scale
  • Storage space for light sensitive materials
  • Emulsion storage

Other Cooperative Membership Benefits

  • Key card access 9am – midnight 365 days per year, except for occasional special events
  • Opportunity to participate in co-op member exhibitions in the main gallery (semi-annual)
  • 4 yearly individual member show opportunities in the Threshold Gallery
  • Print racks in the reception area and gallery for the sale of co-op member work
  • Reference library of over 300 books on Printmaking techniques, studios, artists and exhibitions
  • Binder of compiled resources for co-op members
  • Weekly email updates on exhibition and professional opportunities
  • 50% off standard HP print classes
  • Discounted Steel facing services


Each year Highpoint’s classroom serves over 5,000 students and community members of all ages as part of our school partnership programs, free community workshops, and adult classes. Highpoint’s classroom is an accessible space for visitors to experience hands-on printmaking in a professional studio setting.

Amenities of the Classroom

Approximately 950 square feet. For school groups, seating for up to 30.

  • Takach etching press: 40 x 72"
  • Conrad etching press: 24 x 48"
  • 12 portable screenprinting stations
  • 30 - 24 x 31" screens
  • 24 x 48" light table
  • 18 x 24" drying rack
  • ADA accessible restroom
  • Digital Projector for demonstrations
  • 11 x 17″ laser printer for separations

Professional Shop

Highpoint Editions, the publishing arm of Highpoint Center for Printmaking, was created in 2004 to form a clear identity for work made at Highpoint in collaboration with Artistic Director and Master Printer Cole Rogers. Read more about Highpoint Editions.

Amenities of Highpoint Editions area include

Highpoint Editions is a 1450 square foot semi-private studio.

  • Takach Variable speed motorized intaglio press 44 x 84"
  • Takach variable speed motorized lithographic press 40 x 72"
  • AWT Seri-Glide one-arm vacuum screen press 88 x 72"
  • Etching facilities up to 42 x 60" plates
  • Large skylight with retractable shade
  • Steel facing tank for plates up to 32 x 50"
  • Large lighted exhaust booth
  • Assorted brayers 2 - 12" in length
  • Assorted rollers up to 10" diameter by 39" length

Visiting Artist Studio


Overlooking Highpoint's rain garden, the Visiting Artist Studio is a well-equipped, 300 square foot semi-private space for Highpoint Editions artists to develop their images and consult with the Master Printer and his staff. The carefully engineered studio is easily customized to fit the needs of individual artists and the scope of their projects.

Robert L. Crump Library

Thanks to a wonderful gift from the Crump Family (Jonathan, Matt, Aaron and Sarah Crump, and Tina Crump Lanier) Highpoint Center for Printmaking was able to create a library to honor the life and work of Minnesota artist and printmaker Robert L. Crump.

The Crump Library at Highpoint serves to document, present, and preserve publications about prints and the printmaking arts. A non-circulating collection, the library houses thousands of titles from a wide range of publishers from around the world. Books from the private collection of Robert Crump have been donated to the library. The goal is also to include exhibition catalogs and monographs, a selection of artist books, DVDs, and a selection of periodicals and journals as space permits.

The library is open by appointment during Highpoint’s gallery hours (9–5 Monday through Friday; Noon-4 Saturday).

About Robert L. Crump: Robert L. Crump, who passed away in 2009, was a noted artist and printmaker, and former superintendent of the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition. He worked as a designer and an art director for companies in Minneapolis and the Midwest.

In his 2009 book published by the Minnesota Historical Society, Minnesota Prints and Printmakers: 1900 –1945, Robert Crump relates the fascinating story of Minnesota’s graphic arts world and its growth from provincialism to part of a national movement, showing how art printing — etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, drypoints, monotypes, and screenprints — blossomed after the turn of the last century. He chronicles the support of the federal government during the 1930s and the important role played by local organizations such as the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Walker Art Center, and the Minneapolis School of Art (now the Minneapolis College of Art and Design). The book offers short biographies of and sample prints by nearly two hundred printmakers, including Wanda Gag, Adolf Dehn, George Resler, Miriam Ibling, Syd Fossum, Gilbert Fletcher, and Gustav Goetsch. Crump’s eye for memorable images makes the book a pleasure to behold for collectors and readers interested in Minnesota art. (excerpted from MNHS website and Amazon.com)

Visit the Minnesota Historical Society’s website at MNHS.org to purchase this book.