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Stand Out Prints 2012

Highpoints National Juried Exhibition

On View: February 24, 2012 – April 14, 2012
Friday, February 24, 2012 from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm


  • Submissions Due:
    November 18th 2011
  • Artists Notification:
    January 23rd 2012
  • Accepted Work Arrives: 
    February 10th 2011
  • Exhibition Dates:
    February 24th-April 14th
  • Opening Reception: 
    February 24th 2012

Highpoint is pleased to announce Stand Out Prints, Highpoint's first national juried exhibition!

See what's happening in printmaking on a national scale. With accepted works from 26 states, this exhibition offers 57 select impressions in contemporary printmaking. The opening reception will be held Friday, February 24th from 6:30 – 9 pm.

As this is our first juried show, we are quite impressed with the quality and quantity of all the submitted work. We received nearly 800 entries from 42 states. And though it is never easy to select such a small portion of the total entries, after considerable deliberation, the jurors arrived at an exhibition well suited to their tastes as well as HP's gallery space.

A special thanks to everyone who submitted work to the exhibition, and to our jurors, Susan Inglett and Mark Pascale, who weathered two of the coldest days we have had this 2012 winter in Minneapolis.

Images of the exhibit are avialable on our Flickr page

Selected Artists:

  • Lynn Bollman**
  • Mitch Mitchell**
  • Laura Berman*
  • Kyle Bryant*
  • Bernice Ficek-Swenson*
  • Nancy Bolan^^^
  • Richard Hricko^^
  • Michael Weigman^
  • Nathan Abel
  • Janet Badger
  • Michael Barnes
  • Diana Behl
  • James Boyd Brent
  • Benjamin Brockman
  • Kate Copeland
  • Liz Cunningham
  • Jack Damer
  • Gary Day
  • S.L. Dickey
  • David Donovan
  • Robert Dorlac
  • Bob Erickson
  • Kristina Falotico
  • Kevin Frances
  • Donald Furst
  • Jessica Gondek
  • Jean Gumpper
  • Karla Hackenmiller
  • Christopher Hagen
  • Anthony Holmquist
  • Virginia Hungate-Hawk
  • Anita Hunt
  • Gesine Janzen
  • Sarojini Johnson
  • Anita Jung
  • Matt Kania
  • Amanda Lee
  • KimyiBo
  • Emmy Lingscheit
  • Jeremy Lund
  • Jessica Machacek
  • Aaron Miller
  • Anna Orbovich
  • Rachel Peeters
  • Jon Renzella
  • Leah Robbins
  • Jenny Schmid
  • Sarah Smelser
  • Albert Webb
  • Connie Wolfe
  • Grace Zuniga

** denotes $500 Cash Award
* denotes $250 Cash Award
^^^ denotes Wetpaint Gift Certificate
^^ denotes Takach Press Certificate
^ denotes Graphic Chemical Gift Certificate

Notes from the Jurors:


Prints are dead, long live Prints! Traditional media from painting to printmaking have purportedly suffered a long drawn out death beginning with the advent of photography. Annual proclamations aside, neither have departed this realm but rather artists picking up the brush or burin have worked to absorb into their practice new developments in photography and now computer imagery and installation. Stand Out Prints, sponsored by Highpoint Center for Printmaking, is testament to the continued life and good health of printmaking with 276 artists entering the jury pool for the inaugural show.

As a juror, the experience of reviewing the work of hundreds of artists working to redefine and expand our understanding and appreciation for printmaking was inspiring and energizing. My friend and colleague from the Art Institute of Chicago, Mark Pascale, and I worked diligently through the process to tease out the threads that we discovered among this substantial body of work. Themes revealed themselves among the hundreds of entries, creative and unusual use of the media was celebrated. What you see here is only a representative sampling, the tip of the iceberg. While not diminishing the importance of those selected, the fraction exposed, keep in mind that the mass lurking below the surface is a force to be reckoned with.

I have no doubt that with the continued efforts of Highpoint Center and the supportive climate of Minneapolis in January, this particular iceberg will continue to grow exponentially. Long live Prints!

Susan Inglett
Director, I.C. Editions, Inc. and The Editions | Artists Book Fair

It has been several years since I last had the pleasure of selecting prints for an exhibition based upon submissions, and so I readily accepted the invitation to do so for Stand Out Prints, the first such exhibition sponsored by Highpoint Center for Printmaking. Working with the team at Highpoint and my colleague, Susan Inglett, proved to be an eye-opening experience. I have been aware of Highpoint through my acquaintance with Cole Rogers, but had not visited. And while I knew Susan as a dealer, we had never worked together in this capacity. We appreciated the large response—nearly 800 entries from 276 entrants.

Happily, we came together with congruent ideas about what to look for in the entries: unexpected twists on media seemed important to both of us. In these times, it's not difficult to find conjoined media, but it is less typical to find it used in the service of a clear visual idea. We hope to have included several examples of this self-imposed directive, with vastly differing results. As the co-founder of New York's "Editions/Artists' Book Fair," Susan may have greater awareness of what happens on the commercial side of publishing than I do. Thus, I feel that we balanced each other by way of my greater awareness of academic printmaking. I am gratified by learning about a significant number of artists who I had never heard of, and being refreshed in my awareness of work by artists with whom I've been familiar.

When considering work in an open field of submissions, it's not always possible to imagine how the exhibition will look. Susan and I had the benefit of walking the floor at Highpoint, and our selections often reflected our ability to imagine powerful groupings in the available gallery spaces. Therefore, we hope to have given Josh Winkler, who imagined this exhibition and will install it, and the Highpoint audience a strong, convincing statement about the shape of printmaking by way of the entries. Thanks to all the artists who submitted, and to Highpoint for advocating so unstintingly for prints. Those not familiar with Highpoint should make it their mission to visit whenever in the Minneapolis area. I find it to be a model of generosity towards community, and an amazing place for education, not to mention its challenging publishing program.

Mark Pascale
Curator in the Department of Prints and Drawings at The Art Institute of Chicago

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