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Constructed Intimate Landscapes

New Prints by Pamela Carberry

On View: January 3, 2014 – March 28, 2014

Environment has long been an immediate and important source of inspiration for me. Throughout time, the relationship between self and environment has been transformed and represented into a vast array of media and conceptual narratives.

As an artist, I have come to understand my own creations as stemming from a strong desire to examine both the physical and emotional bonds to personal environments. Through a direct engagement with my terrain, I have set out on a personal journey to surrounding places where – through daily routine – I am forming individual patterns through repetition of traveling within these geographical spaces. These mundane places, as familiar as a favorite pair of shoes, foster a feeling of belonging to their natural rhythm and carve a sense of place for me to exist within them. I enter each place with the intent to discover and rediscover my surroundings by moving through these spaces with a more critical eye. When this captured information is displaced from the original site and replaced in the gallery setting, a slice of my reality suddenly invites your attention and re-examination.

Constructed Intimate Landscapes prints explore the relationship of color on color and the shifting horizon lines as I move about in the natural environment. By contrasting static elements with fluid marks and defining the very basic division of space on the page, the world is portrayed in severely simplified images without many details. My work addresses landscape as the art of selection and balance and explores how representation can wander towards abstraction with my mind images progressing from the first impression of detailed precision to a constructed printed image of a more gestural suggestion of luminous atmosphere. The subject matter ultimately evolves to become my sense of the water, the air, the stillness, and the personal intimate moments spent in these found places.

For more information, please visit the artist's website here.

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