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New Work by Sam Orosz

On view January 8th, 2018 - March 31, 2018

Highpoint is excited to present Sam Orosz’s new exhibit in the Threshold gallery, Horizon, which features a series of layer drawings (made up of drawing materials and screen print) and intaglio print exploring the fragility and endurance of the landscapes of the American West through the passage of time.

Sam Orosz, Clear Cut, Layer drawing with screen printing and drawing materials, 2017

The artist offered the following remarks:

Landscapes hold a powerful ability to view the passage of time. The features in the space can display the trauma endured during the past and present while the horizon looks towards the future. In the plains of the American West, the recording of history through the terrain can be dramatic or subtle. Scars and calluses on the land can be left exposed or be concealed in new growth. This series explores the fragility and endurance of the land through the effects of time.

Through the process of drawing and print, landscapes were created then covered by loose layers of screen-printing before going back into the drawing: altering and evolving the space. The drawings are ever changing and have created a history through the layers built up over the surface.

In these vast open spaces, there is a presence of vulnerability and exposure; a sense of wear but also an aspect of growth. Through this growth comes new life, which transforms the landscape. It is important to recognize the ever-changing nature of the world. The forces that act upon an environment, whether they’re natural or manmade, shape it.  The terrain can be built or eroded and the vegetation can be burnt or blown away, but in the end, what remains will recover through the passage of time.