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Digital Printmaking Seminar

Matt Hopson-Walker,  A Man Among Vultures,  Screenprint, 2017

Matt Hopson-Walker, A Man Among Vultures, Screenprint, 2017

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, 10am – 4pm
Ages: 18+; for beginning students
Cost: $160 (10% discount for HP members)
Registration: Deadline is Monday, May 14
Enrollment: Maximum 12; minimum 6
Instructor: Jon Mahnke

Course Description: This two-part seminar will be an introduction to the tools and methods used to integrate digital content into traditional printmaking. In our first meeting, we will cover techniques for using a tablet to create original images on the computer geared especially for use in printmaking. We will discuss how to prepare photographic images for different print media and how to separate a color photograph into CMYK (process) layers. Our second meeting will be a discussion of how to transmit your images from the computer onto a film. We will go over inkjet and laser printers and learn how to make films that will work reliably as positives for photo-based prints. Students will have access to a wide format printer during this seminar and have the opportunity to print a limited number of their own transparencies.
Please note: Students must provide their own laptop and have access to Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. While the majority of class content will focus on Photoshop, Illustrator will also be used. One-month subscriptions to Adobe products are available, visit for pricing information.

About the Instructor: Jon Mahnke is a St. Paul-based artist and printmaker. He has been working in printmaking for over twenty years and has shown his work nationally and internationally. He received his BFA in printmaking from the University of Iowa, and his MFA in printmaking from the University of Minnesota.

Jon also runs Crankosaurus Press with his wife Laura. Crankosaurus Press produces hand printed kitchen towels, as well as digitally printed greeting cards. Jon works as an illustrator, designer and primary printer for the business, which produces thousands of towels and cards each year. Jon has a broad range of experience in using and teaching digital technology, both as its own medium and as a means to make traditional prints.


Registration may be completed by calling Highpoint at 612-871-1326 or emailing Registrations are finalized upon receipt of payment.

If payment is not received within one business week your place in the class will not be reserved.


Are you, or a friend or family member a veteran looking for art experiences in a relaxed, supportive workshop environment?  Highpoint is now offering free classes for veterans.  HP will reserve one free slot in each adult class for a veteran, as long as you call HP and register prior to the class sign up deadline (please identify yourself as a veteran when you call to register).