Donovan Durham

Donovan Durham

Donovan Durham was a self-taught artist who successfully lives with disabilities. Early in his life, Durham turned to art as a method of communication. He began drawing at the encouragement of a childhood doctor, and continued to express his complex inner landscape through drawing and painting until his passing in 2016.

Donovan left the East Coast and came to Minnesota in 1998. “Minneapolis is my favorite place,” he says, “of all the places I’ve been.” He would like to continue making art and showing his work; to do comic books; and to find a mentorship with a graphic arts professional. “I’m a nice and loving person,” says Donovan. “I am a good story teller, and I work hard.”

Durham’s affiliation with the Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Minneapolis enabled him to create artwork in a supportive environment. With assistance from Interact, Durham gained considerable recognition for his achievements. Jeanne Calvit, Interact’s Founder and Artistic Director, had high praise for the artist: “his work tells a story of a whimsical and richly textured innerlife. He looks for opportunities to grow as an artist and human being. Dooavan is so excited about having this opportunity to work at Highpoint with a Master Printer, it’s a wonderful opportunity for this stage in his development as an artist.” 

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