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Jerome Emerging Printmakers Residency 2018-2019

Lamia Abukhadra, Connor Rice, Nancy Hicks

Left to right: Lamia Abukhadra, Connor Rice, Nancy Hicks

Highpoint is pleased to welcome Nancy Hicks, Lamia Abukhadra, and Connor Rice as the 2018-2019 Jerome Emerging Printmakers!

Connor plans to use the residency to improve upon his large format print work, and broaden his practice through the introduction of new techniques and experimentation with materials. He’s excited by the possibility to connect with other artists and the opportunity for creative growth.  

Lamia ‘s work will challenge the harmful, dominant narratives which perpetuate acts of violence and ethnic cleansing in Palestine and the Middle East. She will investigate the events, ecologies, architecture, recipes, photographs, maps, and other archival materials associated with important figures and events in Palestinian history and their connection to her experience. She is excited to expand her concept of matrices, the power of the multiple as well as her technical knowledge of printmaking through these investigations.

Nancy Julia Hicks’ print, performance, and installation work will examine the detrimental effect institutional structures have on marginalized bodies. Through abstracting and skewing architectural floor plans, duplicating architectural structures in soft sculpture, and performance her work will envision architectural spaces designed specifically for marginalized bodies.

A very special thanks to David Jones and Andrea Carlson for reviewing all of the applicant materials and selecting the residents!

The 2018-2019 Jerome Emerging Printmakers Residency was made possible with a grant from the Jerome Foundation.