Drypoint Intaglio


Intaglio (pronounced en/TAHL/yoh) is an Italian word that means to carve or cut into. Intaglio describes many different processes using a scratched, cut or etched metal or plastic plate. Working on recyclable plastic plates, students use a stylus to scratch line drawings into the surface. Students ink the incised lines and recessed textures of the plate, and wipe the smooth plate surface clean. A dampened piece of paper is then placed on top of the plate and run through an etching press, which uses extreme pressure to force the paper into the inked lines.

Concepts learned during this project include:

  • How to safely work with etching tools

  • Composition using shape and line

  • How to create values of dark and light with line and texture

  • How to successfully ink and wipe a plate

  • How to safely and successfully print using an etching press

Drypoint classes are 2 hours in length.  Students will each receive a 4 by 6 inch plastic plate to make their prints.  Each student can expect to make at least one print from their plate, but can make as many as time allows.  Recommended for ages 10 and up.

If you are looking for more information or to schedule a class, please contact Tyler Green, Education and Community Programs Manager, at 612.871.1326 or email us.