Screenprinting is the process of using a stencil on a stretched, fine mesh, and pressing ink through the mesh.  There are two types of screen classes we offer. The first is using photosensitive emulsion. For this class, students first create a drawing on frosted Dura-lar.  This drawing acts as a stencil. Drawings/stencils are exposed to a screen using a photosensitive emulsion that coats the mesh. The drawing acts as a positive, and the emulsion is exposed with an exposure light unit.  The unexposed emulsion is washed out, leaving a stencil in the screen. The second type of class uses a contact paper stencil. Students cut out a stencil using a matte sticky paper, then adheres this to a screen. For both methods, students print their screens onto paper using water based inks.

Techniques and concepts learned during this process include:

  • Use of positive and negative space

  • How to utilize the print studio safely

  • How to prepare a screen for printing

  • How to clean and maintain screens and the print studio

  • How to edition a print

Two layer Screen classes are two 2-3 hour classes, or one 4-5 hour class. Single layer Screen classes are 2-3 hours. Each student can expect 5-10 prints. Maximum of 12 participants. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

If you are looking for more information or to schedule a class, please contact Tyler Green, Education and Community Programs Manager, at 612.871.1326 or email us.