Community Partnership Spotlight:
Venture Academy

In fall 2016, Highpoint was excited to participate in Venture Academy’s Shadowing program. This program pairs students with organizations in the community who have a mission that aligns with the students’ career goals. This program is especially exciting because it puts the students in charge of defining their career goals early on, researching local organizations to see what is already happening in their neighborhoods, and helping them make connections to these organizations to gain real-world experience and find out more about themselves and their futures.

Highpoint was delighted to work with a very talented young visual artist who came to gain experience with teaching art in a non-traditional setting. Maria jumped right in to assist with two very different classes, one with 3rd graders from Expo Elementary and the other with older adults from Walker Methodist. She learned quickly and helped Highpoint teachers give one-on-one advice to students to assist them in transforming their ideas into a brand new medium. Maria also learned about how Highpoint started and how it runs on a daily basis as well as received an inside look into Highpoint Editions and our Artist Co-op.

It was truly a pleasure to work with Maria and Venture Academy in this capacity and we hope to continue this partnership next year! Click here to learn more about Venture Academy: