Carolyn Swiszcz: New Watercolor Monoprints

The printing staff at Highpoint Editions introduced Carolyn to watercolor monoprinting in early 2017. Monoprinting is the most painterly method among print techniques and each monoprint is utterly unique. It combines the spontaneity of painting with printed inks and paper, creating a surface that is unlike any other. This specific version of the monoprinting process allows the artist to paint watercolors directly onto a sheet of gum-treated Denril, a thin yet durable type of plastic. Unlike most monoprinting methods, the paint can dry on the treated surface and still be printed later. This method works especially well with Carolyn’s style of collaging.  She can cut out portions of the dried and painted Denril and place it on the overall composition. This allows her to easily mix patterns and still retain her collaged aesthetic that are so prominent in her paintings and drawings.

Highpoint presented Carolyn Swiszcz: New Suburban Mysteries, a survey of unique watercolor monoprints the artist created at the Highpoint Editions printmaking studio in the main galleries February 9 – March 24, 2018.