Architectonic vs H.R.

HP Editions is pleased to announce the completion of a yearlong project with Argentinean-born artist Santiago Cucullu, released during the Editions/Artists Book Fair in New York City on November 2–5, 2006. This ambitious publication consists of twelve 37 x 30 inch sheets of paper tiled together to make a 9-foot by 10-foot piece, echoing the installation-based murals for which Cucullu is known. Architectonic vs. H.R. features vibrant screenprinted layers that swirl and loop around black-and-white lithographic vignettes. Each individual “tile” contains different scenes, which suggest flashes of memory or historical snapshots, and can be re-arranged in varying combinations. Cucullu’s work (which he has referred to as a “visual mixed tape”) frequently comments on how autobiography is filtered through collective experience, and his new publication for HP Editions continues this exploration.