Entropia (review)

Highpoint Editions’ inaugural publication is a print by Julie Mehretu, co-published with the Walker Art Center through a program supported by the Surdna Foundation. The edition commemorates her yearlong artist residency at the Walker, which culminated in 2003 in an exhibition and catalogue featuring nine newly commissioned, large scale paintings. It was during this in-residence period that Mehretu began her collaboration with Highpoint Editions Master Printer Cole Rogers, with whom she worked closely to develop a complex marriage of screen print and lithographic techniques that could faithfully translate her luminous, layered imagery to printmaking. To create the print’s broad palette, Mehretu developed a working drawing on her computer that was used to create stencils and match ink colors for the first screenpritned layers. She then created four detailed drawings on translucent drafting paper. These became lithographic plates, which were printed on the first layers, after which more screenprinting was added. At 32 colors, the 33.5" x 44" print is an innovative work on paper and a testament to the tradition of collaborative printshops.