Free News

Swiszcz’s work captures crumbling parking lots, newsstands, destitute strip-malls and other “neighborhood eyesores” with a fresh and witty approach to detail. Employing rich textures, color, and pattern, Swiszcz embellishes these drab landscapes while remaining mindful of their droll charm. As she notes, “these stores and restaurants simultaneously make me laugh and fill me with a profound sense of doom”. To create many of the works on view, Swsizcz collaborated with Highpoint Editions to “make a stock of printed ‘building materials’—shingle, rock, and brick” which she then incorporated with drawing and painting. Vivid effects also appear in the “skies” in many of these works, achieved through monoprint and stenciling techniques. Of her time spent at Highpoint, Carolyn remarked that “working at Highpoint made me feel so spoiled I was almost guilty at times… It was inspiring to have my artistic visions executed with so much care by such excellent people”.