Joel Janowitz exhibition @ Cambridge Arts Council

Photo: Joel Janowitz,  Screened , 2016, Oil on linen, 60″ x 96″

Photo: Joel Janowitz, Screened, 2016, Oil on linen, 60″ x 96″

On view through April 7, 2017, the Cambridge Arts Council (Cambridge, MA) is pleased to share a new body of work by Joel Janowitz. "Protected Trees" presents a poetic response to the intense street excavation and construction he has witnessed over the last several years in his Cambridge neighborhood, where the City has been conducting a sewer separation project that takes place underground but necessitates years of disturbance above ground. In the artist’s words: “I saw both the beauty and the irony of so many trees protected by dead wood and petrol-plastics. I began to paint this strange landscape which is revealing itself as an inviting and disturbing metaphor for our flawed relationship to the environment.” As an artist who has lived many years in Cambridge, Joel brings an unusual perspective to the complex activity that goes into engineering and sustaining our cities. Read more about the exhibition and Cambridge Arts Council here...