Skeleton Images Tossed by Chance

Based in Mexico City and well-known internationally, Amorales embraces a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to creating his art. He has had extensive international exhibitions, in 2010 he has shown in: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Madrid and Leon, Spain; Herzliyya and Jerusalem, Israel; Monterrey and Mexico City, Mexico and Miami, Florida. Through painting, performance, animation and design, he samples images from his Liquid Archive, a collection of drawings that he has assembled over the past decade. The digital archive contains more than 1,500 vector-based drawings, which depict everything from birds and wolves to airplanes and digitized paint drips. Amorales cultivates the replication and reconfiguration of his archive through collaborations with composers, animators, designers and other artists. While working with Highpoint Editions, this strategy led to the production of wonderful new prints. A triptych created with HP Editions features white, gray and black variations on an all-over bird pattern. While at Highpoint, he also explored relief printing: Amorales inked laser-cut plexi shapes based on his Liquid Archive and printed them on the etching press. He was so pleased with the results that he used this technique in multiple new works. One suite features five configurations of an eagle’s head from the Liquid Archive. The eagle shapes were then overlapped and printed up to 150 times per print to form meandering, abstract trails with subtle shifts in tone.

Another triptych juxtaposes additional shapes from Amorales’ Archive: a bird’s head on human feet, hawks on slender legs and a woman’s torso rocking precariously on two legs (here, the incised lines resemble delicate muslin fabric when printed). Amorales incorporated color into four relief prints; after shaking a handful of plexi templates in a box, he let them fall on paper and printed them where they landed. Four other prints present a map of the world that has broken into pieces and scattered across the paper.