“Team Gorman” and “Miller Trucking”

David Rathman returned to Highpoint Editions during summer 2011 and finished up work on a spectacular large-scale diptych of a demolition derby car and truck. The images are lithographs in black and are hand water-colored by the artist. Both vehicles are tiled into multiple prints, emphasizing their quirky, deconstructed/ reconstructed quality and the scale reflects the physicality of their subjects. A variant edition of seven unique diptychs has been produced and will be released this Fall 2011. The car and truck are available separately, or as a set. Those familiar with Highpoint Editions will remember Rathman’s Five New Etchings (sold out) from 2002; a suite of intaglio prints featuring Western scenes and darkly humorous bits of text. More recent prints created in 2009 at HP include etchings: “It seldom matters, the words you say” and “The way we get by.” A limited number of these prints are still available; contact HP for current availability and pricing.