Winter Hours and Cardinal Suite

In 2007, Stuart Nielsen created a suite of four lithographs, Winter Hours, at Highpoint with Senior Printer Zac Adams-Bliss. Nielsen's background in sculpture influenced his approach to this project, lending a unique take on printmaking processes. Building upon his work in other formats, this suite of prints juxtaposes a circular pattern of bright colors onto a dark rich ground. Five bright colors printed on mulberry paper were collaged onto a field of black and transparent orange dusted with pearlescent pigment on Pescia Blue. The life of these fluorescent colors is a stark contrast to the rich blacks, blues and shimmering oranges printed in the background. This vivid pattern of rectangles reads, as Nielsen puts it, "like signage.... somewhere between a nuclear warning symbol and circular array of Tibetan prayer flags"

Stuart Nielsen created Cardinal Suite in 2002 at Highpoint with Master Printer Cole Rogers. Cardinal Suite consists of four prints: North, East, West, & South. 

North was printed in black from one etching plate created with hard ground and lift ground on Moulin de Gué paper with extensive Gampi chine collé and element transfers of blood, iron, and saffron. Additional handwork on North included cutting, watercolor, and application of copper, silver, and gold leaf.

East was printed in thalo blue and indigo from two etching plates created with hard ground and spit bite on Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

West was screenprinted in silver, metallic blue, gold, red, green and clear gloss, on Arches 88 silkscreen paper.

South was printed in yellow, red, blue, and black from four etching plate created with hard ground and spit bite plus one transparent screenprinted color on White Somerset Velvet paper.

Both Suites published by: BASIC CONTENT