Rob Fischer @ Omi International Art Center

Omi Pond House, 2016 steel & glass approximately 20' 9" x 13' 7"

Omi Pond House, 2016
steel & glass
approximately 20' 9" x 13' 7"

Opening this summer at Omi International Art Center in Ghent, NY, Rob Fischer's latest installation entitled Omi Pond House will be on view through October of 2018. The work is a "site-specific sculptural installation created in response to the distinct environment of Omi's pond that activates the aquatic space at Omi for the first time."

Omi Art's website elaborates, "The surrounding landscape is paramount to Fischer's work. This unique location (quite literally on Omi's pond) requires the viewer to enter the structure by stepping onto a ramp that extends over the pond, and then into the work. The aesthetic principles in Fischer's modular structure are brilliantly transposed using screen-printed window panels, creating a complex spectrum of colors and arrangements.

This "building" does not provide privacy, practicality or purpose upon close inspection, but rather exists as a stunning and joyous sculpture intertwined with architectural concepts, located in a remarkable setting."

Click here to learn more about Omi International Art Center and Rob Fischer's installation.

Image Courtesy of Art Omi/ © Chad Kleitsch