Thomson’s “Pocket Universe” & Horochowski’s “Vortex Drawings” reviewed in Mar/April issue of Art in Print


Highpoint is excited to share two reviews of Highpoint Editions publications in the recent issue of Art in Print, a printmaking journal that offers important and timely writing on art and prints by an international array of curators and critics, artists and scholars. Both Mungo Thomson's Pocket Universe series and Alexa Horochowski's Vortex Drawings were featured.

Writer Susan Tallman mused about the Vortex Drawing creative process, saying, "the history of printmaking is also littered with malleable matrices...Alexa Horochowski’s Vortex Drawings operate within that tradition, but with a cacophonous twist."

Curator and writer Benjamin Levy of the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle unpacked the cultural and artistic references of Mungo Thomson's Pocket Universe series, saying, "The carving, molding and casting of coin production has, of course, many parallels with the reversals and impressions of printmaking."

Read Benjamin Levy's review of Mungo Thomson's Pocket Universe here.

Read Susan Tallman's review of Alexa Horochowski's Vortex Drawings here.

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