New Publication: Rico Gatson's, Harriet

Rico Gatson, Harriet,  Lithography and photo polymergravure , Edition of 25,  33” x 26”  2018

Rico Gatson, Harriet, Lithography and photo polymergravure, Edition of 25, 33” x 26” 2018

Highpoint is ecstatic to announce our latest publication, Harriet, by Rico Gatson. Rico Gatson is a multi-media artist working in sculpture, video and painting. His work often deals with themes of racial identity, history and spirituality, through the use of bright colors, geometric formalism, and pop culture figures. Gatson began his Icon series in 2007. Using colored pencil and photographs on paper, Rico depicts African American cultural icons with rays of color emanating from their center. These rays suggest the presence of power, and encourage celebration of pivotal individuals such as James Brown, Muhammad Ali, and Nina Simone. Gatson continues this theme with his first printmaking collaboration with Highpoint Editions. Harriet portrays abolitionist and political activist Harriet Tubman, haloed in a magenta sphere with bright yellow lines radiating from her center. Knowing Tubman’s history with the Underground Railroad, the image takes on a mystical quality. Harriet seems to appear out of a purple mist, portrayed with what could be interpreted as the  bright lights from a train, and the glowing moon behind her, guiding the way for the passengers on their journey. As a significant woman of history, Harriet claims the viewers’ attention, demanding we remember her story and history.