Highpoint Editions: Now a Member of IFPDA!


Highpoint Editions is proud to announce that it has been invited to join the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA), a nonprofit organization of leading art dealers, galleries, and publishers with expertise in the field of original prints. IFPDA members are committed to the highest standards of quality, ethics, and connoisseurship, and to promoting a greater appreciation of original prints among collectors and the general public. Since its founding in 1987, the IFPDA has grown beyond its five original members to number over 160 members in thirteen countries. Highpoint is honored to be a member of this esteemed group.  

Highpoint Editions was selected on the basis of the quality and importance of its prints, the caliber and reach of published artists, presence in the print community, and commitment to engaging and educating the public about original prints.

“Membership in the IFPDA is a reward for excellence. Highpoint Editions can be justly proud of its new status, a well-deserved recognition of its national reputation for producing, publishing, and marketing original prints of the highest caliber.”

- Dennis Michael Jon, Associate Curator, Minneapolis Institute of Arts