The Forest and Human Behavior

Highpoint Editions announces the release of two new prints resulting from a recent collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist Mungo Thomson. Thomson's work is deeply rooted in the legacy of Conceptual art and often employs a strong connection between language and image. His latest project with highpoint is no exception. Based on Time-Life® books, a popular series of general interest volumes published in the sixties and seventies, the prints focus on two subject areas within the series: Human Behavior (published in 1976) and the Nature Library (published in 1961).  

In The Forest and Human Behavior two large screenprints are conceived by the artist as a pair meant to immerse the viewer in the contrast between wilderness and civilization. In Human Behavior, the books' spines create a dense barrier, while The Forest seems enterable, like a door or window into the natural world. Thomson's fascination with Time-Life® books, which he regards as a type of proto-internet (a readily available source of a great deal of information) has inspired much of his recent work in other media.