Tales from the Co-op:
Christine Cosentino

Coming Home, collograph

It’s difficult to describe my attraction to prints and printmaking. Maybe it’s the mysterious, inverted nature of the whole thing, or the focused hours of experimentation, the sidetracks, the dead ends…the sudden revelations.

I guess I could say that, for me, printmaking is a way of transforming the impulsive sketches, scribbles, ideas, and notes from my sketchbook into meaningful imagery, it fuses and formalizes them somehow. 

But it’s never straightforward. The printmaking process is a menu of seemingly unlimited possibilities, which is great because my influences and objectives can often be random too. I love the way ideas emerge through the printmaking problem-solving process, and how different techniques complement one another. Printmaking allows me to explore quickly or take a more deliberate and thoughtful approach.

My work is both “inquisitive and experimental.” At the moment, I’m fascinated by body language and expressions, and how they convey emotional perspective. What does our physicality say about the way we see (and feel) the world?

In the studio I try to maintain a playful attitude. I try not to force the end result, but allow the process itself to be a joyful, colorful, ink-filled ride.  Which is why Highpoint is such an exciting place to be. The facility is amazing. The printmaking community here is truly inspiring and I’m happy to be a part of it.