Tales from the Co-op: Lynnette Black

Wood Nymph, intaglio with relief and stencils

A native Minnesotan, I fell in love with intaglio printmaking while studying under Leo Lasansky at Hamline University and his father, Mauricio Lasansky at the University of Iowa. Although it was challenging, I maintained my art practice (painting, drawing, collage) while pursuing a medical device marketing career and raising a family. For support I was a long-term member of Women’s Caucus for Art and WARM (Women’s Art Resources).  

It was always my dream be a coop-member of Highpoint Center for Printmaking - I went to many free ink days through the years. After a long absence I returned to intaglio printmaking because of the detail and richness you can achieve. To get started I took a one-week intensive at Highpoint with master printer Gregory Burnet. Highpoint is a great place to learn; from other coop members, watching the professional shop work, getting technical advice from staff and the educational programs they offer. To deepen and broaden my skills, I have taken several workshops and had a solo exhibition in the Threshold Gallery, a valuable resource offered to co-op members. Recently, my piece Wood Nymph (pictured) was recently accepted into the Stand Out Prints International Exhibition.


In my work I strive to make a psychological, emotional impact and use multiple techniques for a complex and layered affect. The space at Highpoint, the organization and equipment is world class. It is a joy to “come to work”.