Tales from the Co-op:
Glenn Ronning

Red-winged Blackbird, relief

I first became interested in sculpture some 25 years ago. After a time, I became frustrated with the lengthy clay to wax to bronze process. Consequently, I switched to woodcarving, a process in which I’m fully involved that moves along at a faster pace. During this time, I also became interested in old film cameras, negatives, and working in a darkroom. After taking a printmaking class at the Center for Arts in Jackson, Wyoming (my previous residence for 17 years) it all seemed to gel—the darkroom, the carving, the woodcuts. It makes perfect sense, at least for now, I get to carve my own negatives!

Moving back to my hometown of Minneapolis two years ago, I did a Google search and found Highpoint was only 5 minutes from my residence. Impressed from the moment I toured the facility, I soon became a co-op member and have thoroughly enjoyed working in the clean, fully equipped, professional facility ever since.

From my perspective, art is a process, a technical process. It requires the same analysis used when troubleshooting a problem. I guess you could simply call it trial and error! Hopefully I realize which outcome I’ve achieved.