Tales from the Co-op:
Mary Schaubschlager

My art is a lot like my hiccups. I’m not sure why they happen and I cannot always predict what they will sound like. They’re always at least a little bit funny, but sometimes they can be uncomfortable. Like my art, I have faith that my hiccups are trying to tell me something, “you use way too much hot-sauce” or “holding your breath won’t help you calm down”. As their host I am both tickled and plagued. My images are simple and speak to my love of illustration and story. These odd and often humorous scenes, though quaint, are echoes of anxieties, much larger than the image, but somehow just as simple.

After graduating from Northland College in May 2012, my relationship with Highpoint Center for Printmaking began: a fledgling printmaker- feathers still coming in, dangerously uncoordinated, and bug-eyed. Highpoint was brave enough to accept me as a studio intern in their professional shop where, I am proud to say, I didn’t break anything that was entirely irreplaceable. I also honed my skills as a printer, had the opportunity to assist in the creation of many amazing prints, and was introduced to an outstanding community of printers that I still belong to over a year after my internship has ended.