Tales from the Co-op: Jeremy Piller

A few trees (U of M Arboretum), screenprint

I have always been drawn to screenprinting. Creating an edition has always been appealing to me, as I want to create beautiful art that many people can enjoy. With this technique, there is a direct correlation between making the stencil and the finished print. Make a mark, print, repeat, and eventually (hopefully) you will have executed what you imagined in your mind.

Recently, I’ve been working on a series of landscapes. I’ve been learning how to put years of painting skills into service by painting the imagery I use to make my screens. Starting with basic blocks of color, I build from there, adding layers of marks and reacting to each previous color. The image develops organically with each run through the press. It’s not exactly an efficient way to produce a print, but I love the process of rendering, color by color, that vision onto paper.

Highpoint is a great place for me to work. The facilities and equipment are excellent and the community is wonderful. While waiting for a screen to dry, I find inspiration in the gallery or discuss techniques and motivations with the other members. As a result, I’ve found myself more focused and encouraged to continue printing.