Tales from the Co-op:
Carl Nanoff

Morning Commute, monotype

I am a Minneapolis native and I have been drawing since I was a child. My career choice at that time was to be a commercial artist, I had no idea what they did, but I wanted to be one! Most of my childhood was spent within a mile of the current Highpoint location and joining Highpoint has been a return to that starting point. I began college pursuing a degree in architecture at the University of Minnesota. I discovered I was not meant to be an architect, and switched to Studio Arts as my major.  After several introductory art courses, I took a lithography course. While the process was a mystery to me, I was hooked. Art/Printmaking became my major with a concentration in Lithography. Family obligations ended my work in printmaking, but after working for 25 years in the field of engineering and design, I have returned.


My work is mostly abstract. My favorite drawing tools for lithography are Q-tips and razor blades. My prints are developed from quick sketches and are seldom fully envisioned before I start drawing. I never copy the sketch exactly but allow the drawing on stone or plate to develop spontaneously. I often find one unique image does not express everything I have intended, and will create a series of prints based upon the original drawing using monoprinting, embossing, or hand coloring to create variations rather than uniformly edition a single image. This allows me the freedom to experiment, incorporate surprises that occur, and learn from my failures.


It has been exciting being at Highpoint. I really enjoy the variety of printmaking techniques and styles being produced here and membership at Highpoint has helped my creative approach. The studio space, workshops, and classes have helped expand my skills and knowledge of printmaking. The artists and staff at Highpoint give me the sense of community I have been missing and I have definitely found a home here.