Tales from the Co-op: Kristin Bickal

In My Soup, polymergravure photogram

As a long-time neighborhood resident, I became aware of Highpoint through my daughter’s involvement during high school. She took part in the teen Access/Print program in 2010 and was later an Education Intern one summer when she was home from college. 

I studied fine art photography along with design as an undergraduate. Since then, I have dabbled in the book arts, letterpress, and alternative photo processes, mostly through continuing education classes. I saw an opportunity in the newsletter and volunteered as an Education intern myself last year, following in my daughter’s footsteps. I was hooked and began exploring the amazing world of printmaking at Highpoint in the co-op.

My work reflects all my interests and the world around me, both natural and man-made. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the technically demanding process of polymergravure, resulting in images like In My Soup. This is an intaglio print made from a plate produced as a photogram. I’m intrigued by how the physical manipulation of the ink adds another dimension to this early photo process.

I’m so grateful for the wonderful people and stimulating environment I’ve found at Highpoint and now enjoy mentoring the teens in the Access/Print program while continuing to learn. What an incredible place!