Tales from the Co-op:
Megan Anderson

Things, lithograph

Born and raised in Utah, my first print experiences took place while I was a BFA student in Photography at Utah State University. There I was exposed to traditional film and wet dark room processes as well as 19th century photographic methods. I fell in love with the process of coating the paper with light sensitive emulsion and watching the image appear in the developer. I believe this love of process led me to printmaking and later piqued my interest in collaborative printing.

I ultimately received my BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design where I focused on Lithography. The processes of preparing the stone, drawing on the surface, etching and rolling up the image, as well as proofing and editioning are what locked me into Lithography. During this time I created a series of prints, I refer to as the Nostalgia body of work, this imagery still influences my current work. I used detailed wallpaper patterns and feminine legs to create an image-based vocabulary that speaks of women's sexuality and plays on gender roles of a past era. The small size (5x7”) and contour line aesthetic I began to develop in these prints lent itself to polyester plate lithography. For this reason, much of my personal work since has been in this medium.

My printmaking journey brought me to Highpoint first as a studio intern and later as a staff member; assistant printer in the professional shop. Working in the pro shop at Highpoint cemented my interest in becoming a collaborative printer. I was fortunate enough to learn and work under the direction of master printer Cole Rogers and Senior Printer Zac Adams-Bliss. I recently travel to the land of enchantment and received my Professional Print certificate from the Tamarind Institute where I honed my skills as a lithographer while furthering my passion for collaborative printing. Currently, I enjoy the luxury of Highpoint’s facilities and continue to create as a working member and artist while maintaining the print skills I acquired at Tamarind.