Tales from the Co-op:
Alex Rush

Midnight in the Tree of Life, screenprint

Born and raised in Minneapolis, art was a large part of my upbringing, but it wasn't until attending The California College of Art that I committed my full attention to it. I called the Bay area home and my identity as an artist had been linked to that city. When I moved back to Minneapolis, I didn’t know any artists and lost that sense of community, that is until I found highpoint. 

What I love about visual arts is following the muse from one fascination to the other. My art will never be the same: the style, narrative and color are always changing as I change. Sometimes it isn't until later, when I place everything next together, that I see a theme running through the pages. I feel challenged when I try something new and rewarded when I meet that challenge. With the landscape of art evolving and so many techniques still to learn, printmaking has ample challenges to keep me occupied for a lifetime. If there's only time enough to master one thing well in life, for me, I hope that thing is printmaking.

I think about what it means to be an artist, and what that art means to others. It's a fine line between what sells vs. what will bring me the most enjoyment. While I am inspired by things like graphic design, typography, and color theory, my art is also heavily shaped by my environment. It's important for me to surround myself with like-minded artists for inspiration, help, and community. Highpoint is a safe haven to explore new ideas, and being surrounded by the incredible, talented, generous artists of it's co-op, inspires my art to greater heights.