Tales from the Co-op:
Eileen Rieman-Schaut

I've been a member of the Highpoint print co-op nearly my entire time in Minneapolis. I was raised in Michigan so I am accustomed to the cold and while I’m happy about all the lakes, I wish they were bigger.

My work is about texture, pattern and changes in line and hue that combine for a greater whole. Primarily my prints are abstractions loosely based on landscapes or maps. Since 2012, I have been working toward figuring out lift ground aquatints and integrating and exploring that technique in my work. I've had failures but recently some fantastic successes as well, which will encourage me to keep forging ahead. In college, I worked almost exclusively in color, but at Highpoint I've embraced the quality and wonder of shades of black. Now I just need to put it all back together!

I was just out of college when I joined Highpoint. It’s been fantastic to find a community that’s such a great environment and has answers for all manner of questions. The print program at my alma mater had only two students, so it’s been especially rewarding for me to see how others do different techniques, especially some I had never seen except in books or on the walls of museums.