Tales from the Co-op:
Austin Nash

Cooper 002, screenprint

Born and raised in Minnesota, I grew up on a farm two hours southwest of the twin cities near Springfield (there is one in every state). Although I drew as soon as I could hold a pencil, I was equally interested in economic theories and business models. In 2014 I received my undergraduate degree in business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship from the University of St Thomas. 

I was first introduced to printmaking at Hamilton Ink Spot which was connected to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. There I learned the basics of letterpress and screenprinting in the context of graphic design. It was also there that I learned about Highpoint and immediately applied to be a studio intern. I was lucky enough to intern for two terms; it was a blessing. It provided me an amazing community to learn from and further develop as a printmaker. I currently work as a designer for Target’s brand team and am also a member of Proof Public, a local letterpress co-op focused on providing a voice for under-served communities. 

I use my background in design as a well of inspiration drawing from greats like Paula Scher, AM Cassandre, and Paul Rand. My work explores my progression as a printmaker and the processes and tools I use to create. I think of them like sketches and scribbles. They are studies in color, shape, form, process, and materials. They reflect my exploration and experimentation in print. My goal is to develop work that inspires and enables others to create.