Tales from the Co-op:
Zach Cramer

I try and approach image making as homage to all that came before; allowing me to address issues that arise in contemporary art: technical components, craft, and process as a focus that forwards my voice as an artist.

Much of my work is the result of experimentation; focusing on aspects of surface and gesture demonstrating the delicate, spontaneous, and ephemeral qualities it can yield, but also my educational training and personal study of the scholarship and history of this field. My imagery develops through the process of automatic drawing and reworking surfaces until the image reveals itself. Producing multiple plates and tests simultaneously; later I reflect and expand those ideas into new pieces. Through this scope I can work uninhibited by intent and concentrate on formal qualities with special attention paid to the cultivation of a rich, interesting, and spontaneous surface.  My current work is an investigation of subtle surfaces and tonal relationships in the color intaglio process.