Woodcuts by Aaron Spangler

Primarily known for his sculptural work, Aaron Spangler is a virtuosic self-taught sculptor of wood. He carves intuitively, incorporating subjects from his daily life and surroundings to create compositions layered with political and social meaning. Themes and subject matter are drawn from his experiences and response to his natural surroundings and social observations in rural Minnesota: he is fascinated by "rural chaos, personal paranoia, political anger, nature's beauty and bounty, stoicism, severe religion, wellness, and spiritual bliss." Highpoint was proud to present Spangler's new prints in the exhibition Luddite, which was on view in our  Lake Street gallery from October 10, 2014 through November 15, 2014. The exhibition featured all ten of the handprinted woodcuts developed in collaboration between the artist and Highpoint's professional printshop over the course of his residency.

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