Tales from the Co-op:
Nancy Bolan

Tales from the Co-op: <br />Nancy Bolan

I took my first printmaking classes as an undergraduate in graphic design. I loved the physical process of intaglio printmaking, and the way that etching and printing a plate transformed and contributed to an image. I was excited when I discovered the co-op at Highpoint: I could continue to explore the medium in a well-equipped studio, and also get to know a supportive community of artists, experts and instructors.

Tales from the Co-op:
Kyle Caspers

Tales from the Co-op: <br />Kyle Caspers

When I first began working at Highpoint, the rule I set for myself was to avoid anything that felt conservative.  After four years in an undergraduate program that was centered on traditional figurative painting and drawing, I was ready for a change. Underlying this change was a desire to replace the primacy of skilled mark making and virtuosity that occupies the attention of many artists with a more process-driven approach.  My best work has a sense of being built or engineered, so naturally I have become invested in designing things digitally using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.