Tales from the Co-op:
Megan Anderson

Tales from the Co-op: <br /> Megan Anderson

Born and raised in Utah, my first print experiences took place while I was a BFA student in Photography at Utah State University. There I was exposed to traditional film and wet dark room processes as well as 19th century photographic methods. I fell in love with the process of coating the paper with light sensitive emulsion and watching the image appear in the developer. I believe this love of process led me to printmaking and later piqued my interest in collaborative printing.

Tales from the Co-op:
Cathy Ryan

Tales from the Co-op: <br /> Cathy Ryan

A California native, I’ve spent the last eight years in Minnesota where my first truly serious encounters with printmaking and the book arts came through the post-baccalaureate program at MCAD in 2005 – 2006.  For the next several years, I continued my art practice through Continuing Studies at MCAD and classes at Minnesota Center for Book Arts.  In 2011, I received a Jerome Fellowship from MCBA; the need for more concentrated studio access led me to Highpoint.